📢 Announcement: Rhythm Realms Soft Launch is here!

📢 Announcement: Rhythm Realms Soft Launch is here!

Let’s get the party started in Rhythm Realms, our first game as a fully-formed team is now in soft launch!

Since we started this journey our team kept growing and our game getting closer to release. Now it’s available for free in iOS and Android for Canada and Argentina. We developed this game with a lot of passion and we hope that you enjoy it as well!

What separates Rhythm Realms from many games is its unique rhythm-based RPG with a super creative and innovative concept. Rhythm Realms gives players the opportunity to combine Rhythm gameplay with Combat mechanics. They can emerge into the adventure that awaits them in each arena or casually join an online multiplayer combat with friends or unknown enemies.

Each fight is a song, and each weapon has its own rhythm! Choose your equipment wisely and upgrade your items to get stronger. You can even practice your beat in the practice mode, so it’s sharp before you enter the battlefield. There’s plenty of variety to discover and valuable treasures to win.

This soft launch is full of music and challenges, the campaign through the 3 arenas —The Valley Arena, The Desert Arena and The Jungle Arena — brings you over 30 rhythmic fights.

The game is still a work in progress and in the next build we will be adding new areas, songs and features, as well as fixing any issues that may arise. The rhythm has just started and we are looking forward to hearing the feedback from the community to keep improving. Feel free to reach us and speak up, tell us what you think!

We will keep you updated on new developments and upcoming releases, so stay tuned and thank you for reading! Here you have some previews of the game and what’s available right now for this first build:

Play now! Google Appstore: https://bit.ly/3jXPFE7 | Apple Appstore: https://apple.co/3K3Em7Z

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