Rhythm Realms’ Soft Launch 2 | New Features

Rhythm Realms’ Soft Launch 2 | New Features

Agonalea is proud to share a new update for Rhythm Realms, our riveting RPG game that combines your rhythmic skills with combat mechanics against humans and epic monsters. To make this a truly unique adventure, in this build we work day by day to improve players’ experience, solving any issues or bugs that may arise and adding new features.

You will see changes in different areas of the game and others that may not be so visible… let’s just say it’s all about the developers’ magic! Check out the main new features that have been added in this second release and learn more about what’s coming next.

Red Dot Notification


We don’t want you to miss anything! The idea of this update is to notify players about different things they haven’t discovered in the game, allowing them to easily recognize novelties and to explore through screens. 

In a non-invasive and simple way, the red dots will appear on content that the user hasn’t taped yet. The notifications work automatically, so there is no need to configure them manually, nor do they require configuration nodes. 

You can find them all over the game, either in the different tabs of the main menu, at the inventory in case you won a new item, in the campaign mode if you unlocked an arena, when the bank offers are updated or in case you have a free treasure chest that is waiting for you, and many other occasions.

Game Localization


We must take care of the localization of the game for various languages, according to their culture. Taking care of this process involves much more than simply translating the text of a game.

Video game localization requires language-related tasks, such as translating in-game dialogues and also technical tasks, such as extracting strings from the code and sending them to a localization management system. Some of the most important aspects of our localization process are translation, editing, proofreading and integration.

Localizing a game into the major languages will eventually allow us to reach all gamers around the world and increase the visibility of a game beyond its native store. The languages that we cover in this update include English, Deutsch, French, Portuguese and Japanese.

Loading Tooltips and UI/UX improvement


Based on feedback we got from the players and in order to help them in their gameplay experience, we decided to add tooltips on the loading screen to make a better understanding of how the rhythm combat mechanic works as much as possible, to explain things like what the accuracy of the practice mode means or how the cards are connected to the rhythm of the music.

Besides this, we improved the aesthetics of all screens, items and card tiles, to ensure that the aspect ratio between elements work correctly and don’t break. Also included a tap and drag function in the main menu to make browsing easier.

Bug Fixes Log


When developing a game, you often come across things that don’t quite work like they should or look like they are supposed to. We’re always working hard trying to solve these bugs and here we share some of the improvements of this release:

  • Fixed Issue causing some monsters to cause dramatically more damage than expected.
  • Added more energy rewards to progression.
  • Reduced accuracy of some monsters to improve the progression experience.
  • Fixed bug causing Android devices to crash during the early progression.
  • Decreased the size of the build to reduce download time.
  • Fixed bug generating some weapons to have low accuracy even doing 100% perfect
  • Fixed bug where the character changed skin color based on the armor equipped.

All these improvements are the result of passionate teamwork, we hope you find these changes useful and to your liking. We will continue to work on the constant development and polishing of Rhythm Realms.

That’s all for now, stay tooned for more news and thank you for reading! If you have any feedback, connect to our discord to let us know: https://discord.gg/eAWVngrCjV

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