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Rhythm Realms is now available for free in Android and iOS devices, download it here!

→ No Cheats

We don’t allow the use of bots, mods or hacks that alter the functionality of the game. Players using programs for the purpose of modifying or providing unearned progress will result in a permanent ban for any offending account(s).

Historia Beat Arena

Story Mode


Immerse yourself in a world where extraordinary forces have inexplicably tampered with nature’s true harmony!

Enter the adventure of Rhythm Realms and go through the  5 arena’s campaigns — The Valley Arena, The Desert Arena, The Jungle, The Dojo and The Castle — full of challenges and music, they bring you over 30 rhythmic fight missions and a lot of popular music references.

Arena’s replayability

When players complete a quest fully, they will be granted the ability to re-play Arenas for chances to get specific Cards.

Online Multiplayer Mode

Online Mode


Engage in the online multiplayer mode and play against other players! Try out the competitive mode to rank up to the highest leagues and win unparalleled rewards. Earn points by winning battles and league up!

In this game mode your opponent will be matched based on your league rank. Find your current league displayed at the top of the Main Menu and your global position in the Leaderboard.

Competitive Leagues
Copper League
Copper League
Silver League
Silver League
Golden League
Golden League
Platinum League
Platinum League
Champions League
Champions League
Masters League
Masters League


Each Items has it’s own rhythm! There are 6 types of items presented in forms of cards – Weapon, Helmet, Magic, Pet, Shield and Armor – that can be equipped to Inventory slots.

Level Up and Rarity
Weapons Label Stats

Items can be merged to level them up! In order to merge and improve an Item, the player has to collect several repetitive items with the same level and rarity.

Cards are objects that modify the skills of the characters, there are different rarities - Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Unique - that define the chances to unlock them.

Items Rarity
Special skills

The items in Rhythm Realms have special conditions, there are 6 types of different damages: Physical, Bleed, Lightning, Magic, Fire and PoisonYou can have damage bonus or strong damage bonus or even resistance to a certain condition. Learn more about the special skill at the item card in the Inventoy!

Practice Mode

As each weapon has its own unique rhythm that differs from the rest, we believe it is essential for players to be able to learn and test all items beforehand, in order to achieve the best results.

You can find different rhythm difficulties such as Easy, Normal, Hard or Extra Hard. Try them out at the Practice Mode, open your Inventory, select the card and tap practice.

The dummy has no armor so you can see how much raw damage you do with your equipment!



Chests are a way for the player to obtain Items, when opened they give the player a random rewards based on the lootbox feature – Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary Chests –They can be bought by soft and hard currency and in app payement, or be won as rewards for completing levels or battles.



When you tap the Questlog button, a popup will open where you can select 3 tabs at the top, Daily Challenge, Daily Rewards and Archievements.

Daily Challenge

Find 6 short quests that are triggered every 24 hours and complete them to earn rewards such as Chests, Coins, Gems or Energy.

Daily Rewards

Daily rewards are gifts given to the player for connecting consecutive days. If the previous reward was claimed on a day before the current one, the new one becomes available for claiming.


Achievements are similar to daily challenges, but they don’t expire by time and are not updated, until the player complets them and claims the reward.

Lucky Wheel

You can get extra rewards with the lucky wheel, with high chances of getting you a Legendary and Epic Cards! You have 1 free spin by watching a video every day or pay 10 gems for an other spin.

Season Pass

The seasonal battle pass is an alternative and temporary level ladder in which the player collects event points to advance. Each new level the player reaches gives him a free reward and a reward only claimable in case the player purchases the Premium Pass. 

Each season lasts for a finite amount of days, usually a month, and once the season is over the entire feature is turned off until a new season is created and activated again.

Obtain event points by advancing in the arenas of the Story mode or playing against other players in the Online mode. Earn all kinds of rewards the more you play! Purchase the Season Pass to unlock exclusive prizes.

If the Season ended and you had unclaimed rewards, don’t worry! They were automatically collected for you.

Season Pass Crowns


The Shop offers players the opportunity to get different things such as:

  • Pack offers with a bundle of items at lower cost. 
  • Chests of all the different rarities.
  • Currencies bundles of Gems and Coins.
  • Cards selected randomly on a daily basis.
  • You can find two daily cards that can be purchased just with coins!


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If you’ve tried making a purchase but your order was canceled, you will not be charged for that order.

Google Play may put a temporary “reservation” on your credit card equal to the value of the purchase. Don’t worry, it will be clear automatically in a short period.


Canceled purchases are likely to occur if your billing address, and/or the name registered in your Google Wallet is different from the one on your credit card.

Straighten this out by contacting your bank to confirm details, then log into your Google Pay, and enter “Payment Methods,” to verify that your information is consistent.

If you have not received what you have purchased, please send us a screenshot of your order receipt with the transaction ID on it to our e-mail address: support@agonaleagames.com. We will contact you as soon as possible!

→ Didn't get my iOS purchase

If you have not received what you have purchased, please send us a screenshot of your order receipt with the transaction ID on it to our e-mail address: support@agonaleagames.com. We will contact you as soon as possible!

→ Android Accepted Payment methods

Google Play processes all purchases made via the in-game shop. Google purchase methods vary by country.

  • Credit & debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, additional country-specific cards.
  • Carrier Billing: depending on the customer country and carrier.
  • Google Play gift cards: available in selected countries.
  • Google Wallet Balance: only available in the US and UK.

For further information about accepted payment methods visit the following link to the Help Center.

→ iOS Accepted Payment methods

Accepted payment methods may vary by country. However, these are the ones that are commonly used:

  • Credit cards
  • iTunes cards
  • iTunes Store gift certificates

For more information about accepted payment methods visit this Support article.


Contact and Feedback

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If you are experiencing issues with the game, please send us your bug report here.

A detailed description of your issue, such as how and when it happened, will help us solve your case significantly faster. We will review your case carefully and try our best to come up with a solution!

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